Down Time Data Capture.

Problem Statement: In Production Industries always there will be down time.This down time mostly will be charged by Production Dept
to Engineering Dept.Most of companies still using the old method which is by recording the down time
into a their log form or other forms manually using a pice of paper and pen,this is a imbalanced system
because simply can be change over the time to their loses.

Solution         : A system which is called Down Time Auto Capture is build up using VB6 to capture the real down time.


How the program  :

Operator Cant run the machine/Machine Break Down works
Report To Leader/Supervisor
Leader/Supervisor Call/Find out for Eng Assist
Leader/Supervisor Key in the Part/Model #No to the Down Time Data Capture
Once Eng Assist setle up the proble
Eng Assist need to key in their Employee No and reason why the problem occur
Eng Assist need to inform the Leader the line/problem is settle
Line Leader must verify the Line is Ok or not
Finally the Data capture stopped and all the down time and the causes will be saved protected Excel Sheet according to the file Path.

Program Used:  VB6,MS 0FFICE

History Of Development: This story based on story not joke story.!!

On Oct 2013 I joined an #n**a Manufacturing Factory in Perai Penang.Like others I also feeling comfartable when working on this company,but till reach a time i found that the some Dept cheating us like cheating a school students.Some time the breakdown occurs at 9am~ 10.30 am but they recorded from 8.00am.If this happen once is nevermind,but this keep hapening day by day and some time the opposite Dept will threathen us,but I dont care with theirs threathen at all.Many arguments happen due to this FAKE DOWN TIME!! Untill one day i met with my superior and shows the most simple triggering system to him,finally he approved and support me to developed this SYSTEM.The system was implemented on the end of APRIL 2014 ,and the FAKE DOWN TIME start to decrease ,this show they play the full with us previously .So now no one can simply make the judgement,let the DATA TALK!!Finally my Superior come and says that the Down Time for Our Dept become very low,this shows the efficiency of the program that builded.Finally i Quit the Company on Sept2014 and join up with my new employer.Bye-bye to all Fake DownTime Makers…But i Will like to thanks alot to my Superior because encourage up my skills and my ideas.

How To See The Program
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